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Employee Engagement in a Time of 9.2%


For around 15 years, employers (at least the ones who were awake) have been caught up in the chase for high employee engagement.  Those were the days when unemployment lounged around the 4% neighborhood.  And, let’s face it, employee engagement was mostly about the competition for great candidates – or sometimes any candidate – to fill a job req.  And then keep those cheeks in seats, rather than lose them to market competition.

Those times are gone.  Hiring has plummeted. Great talent has gone begging.  And I’ve been hearing what I had hoped I’d never hear again:  “They should just be glad they have a job.” (Uhm, the 1970s called; they want their BeeGees back.) So why should employers invest in the inquiry as to whether employees are engaged?  Money’s tight, can’t it be better used elsewhere?

Employee engagement is … Continue Reading

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Tim Garrett

Tim Garrett

Like many leaders in HR, Tim Garrett didn’t set out to spend his career in the people side of business.  To say he was in the right place at the right time might be a stretch. But he was definitely where his talents could be best used when they were needed the most.  He was in a management training rotation in the HR department when a strike hit the company.  He was immediately assigned the duties of giving management whatever support they needed to prevail in the strike.

Over 30 years later, he has successfully led his employers and suppliers through more than 15 unionization attempts. His approach is not to go head-on with union organizers. It’s to create a workplace culture based on mutual trust and respect — one that makes unions irrelevant in the eyes of the employees. … Continue Reading

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