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Are You an Accidental Horrible Boss?


Everyone has a story about at least one horrible boss. Oddly, though, there isn’t a commensurate number of people who have stories about being bully bosses themselves. You know the type. You see them on the evening news magazine shows: the folks who brandish guns at work; who discriminate against a race, gender, or religion in their promotion practices and then brag about it; bosses who hang their employees “in effigy” for the rest of the department to ridicule. The brutality of that kind of behavior is just so plain to see — unmistakable and inarguable.

But the most common behaviors that beat down the human spirit aren’t so easy to catch and stop the first time. What is truly unacceptable? The first time the boss pitches a screaming fit? Or the thirtieth time? The insults flung in private behind … Continue Reading

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How To Make Your People Cry

man's hands gifting heart on valentine day

If I could do only one thing for the rest of my career it would be this: Interview ordinary people who love their work and discover their secrets to worklife passion. That is my calling, mission and passion of my tenure here on earth. More than just a nifty thing to do, understanding what brings passion to the hearts of everyday working people is the key to understanding what makes any company outstanding – in its community, in its industry, in the hearts of its customers and among its competitors. The voice of everyday employees who love their work is truly the anthem to a personal greatness that is within our grasp, no matter who we are.

There’s a reason why I’m writing about this topic this week. I always think of Rackspace Hosting this time of year. A couple … Continue Reading

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Arte Nathan

Arte Nathan

Las Vegas, famous for its ever-changing skyline and ever-rising expectations, is not known for understatement on either score. And so, as adept as it may be to wow the tourists and conventioneers, it has a more difficult time turning the heads of Las Vegas insiders. Glitz, shimmering glitter, shimmying body parts and specially stamped tokens that tumble into metal slot machine bowls designed to deliver a loud clatter fail to impress the denizens of Las Vegas. Not only have they seen “the man behind the curtain,” they are the man behind the curtain.

For a town that traffics in enticement and illusion, the only thing that can really impress is authentic excellence. This elusive quality of flawless flawlessness was ultimately manifested with the opening of the Bellagio, with its fountains, its pools, its marble-clad bathrooms with soaking tubs, its … Continue Reading

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