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Have You Lost Respect For Your Boss?


A few weeks ago, a reader (let’s call her Becky) wrote to me with an epic tale and one question on her mind: “Should I start looking for another job?” The woman who hired her quit on Becky’s first day (but mercifully agreed to stick around the whole week to train her in her new job). Becky, who was just starting her career, suddenly had legal and fiduciary duties at an organization with an irresponsible power fiend who, as CEO, was driving the company into the ground.

“Should I start looking for another job?” The quick answer would seem to be an obvious yes. But maybe at second look, a better answer might be, “Yes, but don’t be too quick to jump ship.” Becky is in an interesting position. On one hand her long-term career prospects are at risk, because … Continue Reading

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