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High-value talent is expensive to find and too precious to lose. Keep your great people aligned with your mission and excited about your organization.

Re-energize your culture by capturing the voices, insights, ideas and advice of your high-performers who love their work.

  • Create strengthened, inspired teams who are ready to achieve and succeed together!

  • Grow your great performers into fantastic people leaders.

  • Celebrate your top achievers and share their success secrets with the rest of your organization.

  • Discover from your people themselves what they need from a deeply authentic workplace culture.

  • Attract top-notch candidates who want to work particularly with you and your people.

Career Landscapes™ Workshop

“Thank you for your clever insights to allow my team to open up their amazing stories! Everyone commented that your exercise was a novel way to begin. And even after many years together, we all learned something new!”

Diane B. DixonSenior Vice President
Corporate Communications and Advertising, Avery Dennison

You want a team-building experience that is authentic, inspiring, positive, dignified, trust-building … with lasting results. Give your people the chance to get to know each other fully – who they really are, not just who they are according to their on-the-job roles. The Career Landscapes™ workshop takes your colleagues beyond their immediate corporate responsibilities, job descriptions, resumes, and gives them a safe, dignified setting in which to say, “This is who I really am. This is what inspires me. This is what fires my imagination. This is what I stand for. This is my life’s saga.”

The Career Landscapes™ workshop is your opportunity to give your people the chance to fully introduce themselves to their teammates in the way they want to be known and understood. Even long-time coworkers are full of surprises!

“I’ve worked with my coworkers for at least 10 years and I thought I knew everything there is to know about these people. Your workshop gave me so many surprising insights into who they really are. It’s going to make it so much easier to work with them now. Because I understand them better. And I know they understand me better too!”

—Career Landscapes workshop participant

Discover what keeps your best, most-valued talent inspired and committed to aligning their personal purpose with your organization mission and their team. Additional discussion topics can include:

  • Their ideas for improving departmental innovation, effectiveness and productivity.
  • What advice they have for new employees/new grads to be successful in your company.
  • What does it take to be a great leader in your culture.
  • What makes them proud to be associated with your company.

Length: 2 to 4 hours, depending on group size.

Perfect for: Team-building programming; retreat opening sessions; celebrations; leadership training; diversity retreats; post-crisis recovery interventions.

For more information, contact Katie Wacek at Katie@careerlandscapes.com

New Managers Workshop

Getting the Best From People

Help your top achievers grow into fantastic people leaders! Anyone who has made that leap from top individual contributor to manager knows that whole new sets of skills and understandings are essential to be successful. (You probably remember that time yourself.)

Employee engagement starts and stops with the way your managers treat their people on a day-to-day basis. Martha’s New Managers workshop helps you protect your investment and promising careers by demystifying engaging leadership behaviors and what it takes to inspire a following.

Custom-create your own program based on 49 modules that appear in Martha’s book, The Truth About Getting the Best from People. Then let Martha lead a guided discussion with your key talent on how they can make your engaged culture come alive under their leadership.

Core topics include:

  • Employee engagement isn’t for sissies (the tough choices that come with being a manager)
  • Retention begins with hello (the power of a welcoming onboarding experience)
  • B players are your A team (the importance of understanding the value that everyone brings to work)
  • High performers have enough coffee mugs (why rewards programs should be personally meaningful)
  • Engagement happens one person at a time (how every interaction makes a big difference)
  • The bad will do you good (why mavericks can be your best team members)
  • Ask for cheese – you might get the moon (how to understand your new power as a manager)

Length: Varies according to client’s objectives.

Perfect for: General leadership training; employee engagement initiatives; post engagement survey programming; M&A culture initiatives

For more information, contact Katie Wacek at Katie@careerlandscapes.com

Speeches and Presentations

Sustain Your Flame! Keep Alive the Mission and Meaning of Your HR Career!

HR from the heart

As co-author of the best-selling book, HR From the Heart (with Libby Sartain) and long-time HR trends watcher, Martha believes that corporate HR teams deserve to be celebrated in a very special way. The next time you have an HR retreat or all-hands meeting, let Martha set the tone with her inspiring keynote address, Sustain Your Flame! Keep Alive the Mission and Meaning of Your HR Career! Designed to reignite, re-inspire, recharge, and re-empower HR practitioners, this program invites audiences to appreciate their HR profession in a fresh way, through the eyes and perspective of someone who has been watching and celebrating HR for over 20 years.

Sustain Your Flame! is offered in a variety of formats:

Keynote: This interactive presentation can be customized to fit pre-established time frames. While it is primarily a speech, the audience will be invited to answer core questions. And, time allowing, there will be an opportunity at the end of the presentation for Q&A and audience contribution.

Moderated meeting: In this format, Martha moderates a panel discussion among HR leaders who lend their own experiences, learnings and success stories to the main message of how the audience members can stay passionate about their HR calling. Length is typically 1.5 hours, with three or four panelists chosen by the sponsoring organization. If desired, a second session of audience Q&A can be offered after a short break. This is a rare opportunity for audience members to ask HR leaders important career management questions.

Workshop: This highly interactive long program is a wonderful opportunity for participants to explore important questions about their life’s work in a supportive environment. As a celebration of the meaning behind the HR profession, the Sustain Your Flame! Workshop is an excellent choice to kick-off an HR retreat or offer as a conference session.

An option available with all three formats: If the client or sponsoring organization desires, Martha will help build an ongoing conversation among the HR groups that will continue long after the session itself. This is most likely to take the form of an Intranet tab or blog in which participants can voluntarily contribute their insights and thoughts about developing a passionate HR career.

For more information, contact Katie Wacek at Katie@careerlandscapes.com

Employee Engagement Consulting

As a master interviewer for 20 years, Martha Finney knows how valuable the voice of the employee is to any organization’s employee engagement initiatives. Unfortunately, too many organizations stop at the engagement survey and suggestion box.

Employers who go beyond survey statistics and create a safe environment where employees can speak from their hearts at length and in depth discover a treasure of insights into how they can make their cultures vibrant and successful. Contact Martha or Katie to learn how Martha’s exclusive interviewing process can help you:

  • Turn a sales incentives celebration into a valuable learning experience that will boost the profitability of your entire organization.
  • Create a positive culture organization-wide.
  • Discover engagement secrets that your surveys just won’t reveal.
  • Attract and keep high-caliber talent.
  • Understand what manager behaviors best inspire your people to great performance in your unique culture.
  • Reconnect your people to your company’s mission-critical objectives.

For more information, contact Katie Wacek at Katie@careerlandscapes.com

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