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Miles of Wisdom: The First Thing to Know About Inspiring Great Customer Service


(Note: Engaged employees are literally a wealth of knowledge. Whether they are high-performing individual contributors who love their jobs or managers who score high on the engagement surveys — if they love their work, they’ve got something to teach us all.  They’re better than a textbook. They’re better than a motivational seminar. They’re the real deal. And they’ve got great stories!

Because I interview engaged employees as part of my consulting practice, I’m collecting miles of wisdom in the form of great video footage. With the permission of my clients and interviewees, I’ll periodically post highlights from powerful conversations. Like this one.) Continue reading

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The Hope of HR: Prepare to Be Amazed…Every Day


When you’re in HR, it’s so easy to get bogged down by the hassles and headaches of dealing with people. How do you keep your own passion for HR energized? Be the keeper of a workplace culture that cherishes the passion of your people.

The more I get to know what healthcare HR faces every day, the more amazed I am. I don’t know how you do it, frankly. But I’m so glad you do. And I’m so impressed that even in the face of regulatory, legislative and other strategic challenges that threaten to get in the way of you doing your best work, you don’t lose sight of the fact that there are people in your organizations who really see the deep human meaning behind the work they do. And they draw inspiration from those small golden moments where … Continue Reading

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Five Ways to Beat “No Job/No Job” Discrimination

Welcome front door mat on a white background

No one is a bigger fan of HR (and all that it can do to make the world a better place) than I am.  But sometimes I want to take it by the shoulders and holler, “What can you possibly be thinking?  Waddya nuts?”   In this particular case I’m talking about the prevailing trend of discriminating against people who are out of work in their hiring practices.  I’m not saying that everyone does it. But enough people are doing it for the newspapers to be writing about it…and for an anti-discrimination provision to be written into the new jobs bill.

In this era of unprecedented lay-offs of so many really great people (which might include you), that’s just so wrong.  Oh, and stupid.  Just because that person over there has managed to keep his job is no guarantee that … Continue Reading

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The Networking Tool that Beats Facebook Hands Down


I met Jim Hardeman when I was interviewing people who love their work for my latest book, Money With Meaning: 42 Practical Ways to Discover Your Calling and Land Your Dream Job Now.  He was the head of a corporate program that helped employees suffering from domestic violence.  This is something he knew a lot about. His dad brought violence into the family in the most gruesome of ways.  And helping other people save themselves and their families became his calling.

I’m bringing him up here because his story is not so much a story of surviving a brutal start in life. It’s about the help of people all along the way who noticed him, saw his potential and gave him that little bit of extra help that changed his life at each turning point.  From the teacher who … Continue Reading

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Career Fear: Put Anxiety in Its Place


My father used to freak me out.  A covert CIA case officer, he was a Cold War warrior – one of those people about whom screenwriters create historical movies today.  He retired while the Cold War was still in full swing (many would argue that it still is). So, with time on his hands, he would use my work lunch breaks to tell me that the world is going to hell, and without constant vigilance, tanks would be rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. And, by the way, they wouldn’t be our tanks. By the time I’d get back to my office, I’d be so keyed up with anxiety that with just one more nudge I’d be calling up the local Army recruitment office.  (A good thing I didn’t. Think Private Benjamin, except without the great hair, cute jokes and the … Continue Reading

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Stuck in a Job You’ve Outgrown?


Let’s face it. We’re not moving around (or up) as easily and speedily as we used to.  For the moment, companies aren’t hungrily seeking us out and offering signing bonuses just as a reward for having a pulse. Can’t sell the house in order to move to a more happening hot spot? Stuck. Spouse is stuck? You’re stuck. The person who has the job you would naturally be promoted is just too comfortable in his comfort zone to vacate it?  Stuck.

You are in what Dr. Seuss called “the waiting place.”  Welcome. Have a seat.  Enforced waiting has commenced.  The question is now, “What do you do with all this time on your hands?” Do you use the stuck spot to punish yourself for the woulda coulda shoulda decisions that you made in a different economic environment? Watch hours … Continue Reading

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